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Medina Sandstone Society

Dedicated to Historic Preservation, Medina, NY, USA
Rev. Date January 26, 2006
Our Origins and Purpose

The Medina Sandstone Society is a closely-woven, rather cloistered group of Medina residents, dedicated to historic preservation and especially to protecting the time-honored reputation of a magnificent building material called MEDINA SANDSTONE. The society works hand-in-hand with the Medina Historical Society, an active organization which maintains its own museum and meets monthly.

Discovered in the early 1800s in a vein running from southern Ontario to eastern Orleans County, NY, the magnificent Medina Sandstone became the king of building materials in many areas around the world --- Buckingham Palace, the New York State Capitol, churches, business structures, many fine private mansions, widely for streets and curbing. It can be seen in numerous Village of Medina structures. It is beautiful, comes in several shades, is very long lasting, has a crushing strain factor superior to most all marbles, limestones, granites, and is totally fireproof. It is truly "king", but sadly is no longer quarried, having been rendered too expensive by the onset of concrete.

The Sandstone Society meets on call of its leaders, dubbed Ashlar 12x12, and tries to get together for a convivial luncheon at least quarterly. It currently has about a dozen charter members and the founding date was November 2004. Its initial goal is to finance certain selected preservation projects and its first is the century-old Medina Armory. Extensive exterior renovations are in progress and there are plans to erect a permanent memorial stone in honor of soldiers who served out of that building. William Menz heads the memorial stone project.

Current society co-leaders (Ashlar) are Charles W. Slack and Robert E. Waters. Guests or interested parties are always invited to inquire about the society or attend meetings.

For more information, call 585-798-3218 or email

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